An ongoing project nearing completion in Dublin, Ireland.
TV control room with full remote camera capability and audio editing area.


A major install of video conferencing boardrooms and office areas.  Large screen multi-monitor mix of 84", 65" and 55" displays , Crestron control systems, Cisco video conference Codecs and Shure, Clock audio and Biamp microphone and mixer setups.   A large master boardroom, a partionable secondary conference room and several small VC rooms.  Mobile VC carts and large huddle areas.

TUI Aircraft maintenance hanger

Thomson Airways, now TUI are based at Luton Airport and have their aircraft maintenance facilities at the site. 


The hangar space is enormous - approximately 91,000 sq-ft in size, a large area for a PA system to be clearly heard in. The space also changes with aircraft being moved in and out of the hanger.  

Our initial acoustic tests had been carried out with passive line array systems and EQ/Delay setups using the TOA M9000 digital mixer and amplifiers and these were very successful.  


However, the decision was made to use the TOA SR-D8 active system.    The SR-D8 system has the advantage of built in amplifiers and processing, negating the need for local power amplifier and processing racks at the two main locations either side of the doors.   

The SR-D8 active line array system has eight built in digital amplifiers which allow for digital shaping of the width and angle of the acoustic beams, and can steer sound precisely to desired areas of the hanger.   

Additional infill loudspeakers are fitted along the service walkways at the rear of the hanger.  

All the associated offices and engine workshops are also included within the PA system.


Lighting, music and video systems for Horatio's Bar on the pier. 

Audio equipment is based on Martin Audio Loudspeakers and QSC amplification. A Cloud Electronics zone mixer and a DJ desk complement the system.

We have also recently installed a new music system in Palm Court, the restaurant on the pier.  Audac loudspeakers, QSC amplifiers and Cloud Electronic mixer.


A major upgrade to the Mosques sound system was completed in time for Ramadan this year.   The mosque has multiple prayer rooms and event rooms in this converted church. We installed a multi-zone loudspeaker system throughout, with microphone input facilities to all areas.  Complete with a  master call-to-prayer microphone and multi-channel radio mics, all easily controlled by a push-button selector panel.  A sophisticated but easy to use system.

TOA Loudspeakers, TOA M9000 control system, Trantec radio mics


The Southhall Abubakr mosque is a converted office building consisting of five floors and a basement.   There is a Girls school on the 2nd and 3rd floors and an events room on the 4th floor. The basement, ground floor and first floors contain  large prayer areas.  The Mosque recently had a major rebuild with extensive marbling and plaster hand crafted ceilings and walls in the prayer areas and events room.   A really beautiful building.  We installed an extensive loudspeaker,  radio and hardwired microphone system through out the building.  Call to prayer microphones are on two floors, a language translation system on another, all with its own radio station.

KEF loudspeakers, Symetrix Control


A high-powered paging announcement system for the "Weld" production line, capable of being clearly heard within such a noisy environment.  Complete with two paging microphone sound booths for the operators to use.   This picture shows the equipment rack containing the four channel 1200-watt/4ohm Quattro Canalli digital amplifier and the TOA M9000 audio mixer.   
The loudspeaker system consists of  Community R2.5 10"COAX ultra-compact horns.


A recent project this year to upgrade the academys theater hall.  We supplied and installed a new Epson 8000 lumen LCD laser projector, a new 5.5m wide electric drop-screen and four Samsung 4K 65" screens.    In addition we designed and installed additional lighting bar rigging for the site, complete with lamps and a new control desk.  Audio tie-line wall boxes were added along with a CYP 4K HDMI matrix and transmitter/receivers over CAT6 cabling.


As an ongoing upgrade to the airports paging and voice alarm systems, the TOA VX3000 pava is being installed to handle the new building works within the international and domestic arrivals baggage reclaim halls.

Equipment is the VX3000 series 3004F and 3008F frames and DS emergency power supplies. We also maintain the airports SX2000 and VX2000 hardware.

A selection of our other projects

Selection of our projects


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Park Langley Tennis Club

A recent refit of the south London clubs PA system. Paging microphone for their reception desk and mult-zone loudspeaker and amplifier setup.  Controllable via a push-button wall panel and complete with a radio microphone system. TOA loudspeakers, TOA M9000 control, TOA amplifiers, TOA radio mics