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Live Streaming App | DStream

Streaming at Your Fingertips

DStream offers a Live Video Streaming Solution that is secure and personal.

Our streaming solution runs on our own CDN (Content Distribution Network).

We take industry standard video/audio streams, delivered to our CDN, and from there we distribute to viewers on multiple devices and multiple platforms,  ensuring compatibility to the end device. The 24/7 platform can scale to meet needs.


Customer viewing is done using a personalised App, white labelled if required, or viewed on a webpage, using a provided HTML5 Player. The web page can be created by DStream or be part of the customer website. View Example Here

Set up is easy – DStream engineers can remotely set up your streaming P.C. if needed, otherwise we provide comprehensive guides to help you through the process.

The whole process from camera/microphone to the end user looking on their chosen screen/device is designed with ease of use in mind and with no intrusions in your private channel.

DStream - Live Stream your event
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